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The Illusionist's Dream
Change into different animals to pass through the environment and animal puzzles you encounter.
Mort the Sniper
Read your mission objective and then sniper the right targets. Watch the blood and brains splatter.
Missing Duckling
Play in 3 types of gameplay in this physics game that mimics Angry Birds pretty close.
Andy Law
Pick up and blast all the enemies as you earn money and buy new guns. Can you survive?
The Boomlands
Send your soldiers, archers, and wood gatherers out as you attempt to defeat the opposing castle.
Meeblings 2
Figure out how to get the Meeblings to the exit sign by using the colored Meeblings with abilities.
Destroy All Cars
Adjust your car ramp and slam into the car stacks to perform enough damage to progress.
Demolition City
20 levels of placing bombs on the building structures to make it tip over. Keep your rubble low.
Create teams of you and computer players as you grab guns and try to blast the AI. 1 life per round.
Necronator 2
Select your clan, and make units to send out waves along the pathway to the enemy castle.
  Action Games
How to Bird
Jump over spikes & gaps & hop up walls. Use your burst of speed to make it over large gaps.
Escape to Hell
Bash enemies & collect coins in this top-down dungeon killer. Avoid traps & bombs that can kill you.
Royal Ruckus
Shoot all the weird enemies that appear in this top-down shooter. Grab power ups to stay alive.
Dino Home
Use the 2 dino friends to help each other get to the end cave. Knock down walls & throw up dead fish
Mario Goomba World
Jump on the Goombas & avoid letting them run into you. Get coins & jump over gaps to get to the end.
Don't Touch The Spikes
Jump on platforms & over spikes in this action, sidescroller. Watch out for falling spikes too!
Operation Desert Sabre
In this top-down tank shooter, blast enemy tanks, grab treasures & reach the rocket.
Droid Hunter
Shoot robots as you fly using your jetpack. Grab goo for upgrades & health in this sidescroller.
Aboriginal Brothers
Use the brothers to reach the bones. Jump on each others heads, but don't get stuck behind blocks.
Winter Tank Strike
Drive your tank over barrels & fire your cannon at boxes, mines & turrets to safely reach the end.
Robin Steele the Waifu Thief
Fight in the hallways of the castle as a pony. Bash enemy ponies with your hammer & reach the boss.
Bob the Archaeologist 2
Jump over gaps & spikes as you grab coins in this black & white sidescroller.
Land of Enki
Throw bombs at enemies & grab gems to purchase extra life & more bombs in this sidescroller.
Glitch Lab
Determine where the levels glitch is, then exploit it to reach the gems & exit safely.
Cave Story
Avoid deadly cave animals until you find a gun, then blast them before they can touch you.
IMP Adventure
Remove objects to make a safe pathway for the imp to travel to the exit portal.
Burning Story
Lay down platforms, use jump jets, & burn threw ropes to get your fire guy to the fireworks.
Lunar Lemurs
Grab all the stars as you control both lemurs. Keep them both safe & get both to their exit spots.
200 Achievements
Grab honey in this platformer as you attempt to try & unlock all 200 achievements. Is it in you?
Pencil Wars 3 - Pen Wars
Shoot enemies & create lines to jump on to make it over gaps & up higher in this sidescroller.
Angry Birds - Rock Bird
Flap your wings to fly as grab coins in the air. Save power by rolling along the ground.
Good Morning and Die
Jump on platforms & reach the next stasis tube as the map reconfigures itself.
Dungeon Traveler
Grab your battle axe & quickly reach the skeleton enemies before your power wears off.
Yellow Dreamer
Create duplicates of yourself in this sidescroller to trigger buttons as you grab ZZZs.
Money Movers
Use your 2 convicts to help each other grab money, solve puzzles & escape each level together.
Tomb Cat
Grab coins & claw at mummified creatures. Make sure to reach the exit before time runs out.
Some Like it Dark
Grab orbs that dim the level & reach the exit portal before time runs out.
Tank Warfare
Drive your tank around as you blast other tanks, turrets & soldiers. Beware of damage you take.
The Sun For The Vampire
Pull levers & change into a bat as you push knights off of ledges, grab keys & avoid spikes.
Epic Revenge
Shoot crazy looking monsters in this sidescroller. Avoid taking too much damage.
Stickmans Great Adventure
Run & slide through the level as you grab coins & find the key to the exit door.
Fruit of Pirate King
Control 2 characters in this platformer. Use them together to open doors & carry keys to chests.
My Friend Pedro
Pick up guns, perform flips & slow down time as you shoot baddies in this action, platformer.
GluteFree Grab
Jump on toast & grab glutenfree symbols in this action sidescroller.
Jump & avoid gun fire in this action, sidescroller. Find triggers to unlock doors.
Take orbs to light your path, but leave them to create holes in the environment. & reach the exit.
Zombie Tank
Drive your tank & run over cars & zombies. Grab coins to purchase upgrades to get farther.
Grab all the stars as a cat, as you push boxes & balls to trigger switches to reach the ball of yarn
Dream Hopper
Avoid spikes & jump over enemies until you find a gun. Don't take too much damage along your journey
A Kitty Dream
Find upgrade orbs that give you new powers to reach unreachable areas in this sidescroller.
Crazy Race Arena
Drive around the small arena & try to destroy the opponent. Run into health boxes to keep from dying
The Mind
Pay attention to the perspective of the land. You might just be jumping into water.