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Demolition Dude
Fire your Demolition Dude at the physics objects to knock them over just right.
Fly your small ship in this smal world as you gun down enemies and upgrade your ship.
Spectrum Tower Defense
A good looking tower defense game. Unlock new towers as you spray the bugs with weapons fire.
Cargo Bridge - Xmas Level Pack
Build the best bridge possilbe to support the weight of the workers that carry the presents across.
Kellys Summer Jobs
4 managing games in 1. Manage the bakery, icecream parlor, pet salon, and hair salon. Get busy!
Collapse It
Plant explosives and drop bombs to crumble structures and kill all the people on each map.
Last Command
Fight off the aliens as you strategically place your soldiers and when to upgrade them. Kill aliens!
Mummy Trouble
Similar to Cut The Rope on iPhone. Cut the ropes and get the gem to the mummy.
The Foyle
Shoot the incoming enemies as you build up your wall and search your base for equipment.
Cactus McCoy
Punch enemies and grab tons of pickups like boxing gloves, throw playing cards, shieff badges & more
  Action Games
Acid Bunny 2
Go on a rabbit adventure as you kill enemies by jumping on them & avoiding other strange obstacles.
Chocolate Run
Avoid enemies, grab powerups & find your fuel as you try to stay in the air as long as possible.
Stack Bunnies
As a rabbit, shoot pixel enemies & reach the treasure chest without dying.
Acid Bunny
Bunny in having a acid trip. Jump on rabbits to make them pop along your drug induced adventure.
Crazy Rabbit
Whack & shoot furry creatures to get their carrots in this sidescroller. Jump gaps & get to the exit
Road So Far
Take runes that are around the levels as you jump up walls, over spikes & wolves to reach the exit.
Grab items & avoid collisions as you upgrade your ship, while using difficult controls.
Chima - Manor of Death
Jump over spikes & slice up alligator men as you try to reach the exit alive.
N.Y. Rex
As a T-Rex loose in New York, munch on all the humans you see to complete each level.
Make it to the exit by avoiding all the traps trying to kill you on your way.
Last Hope Bus
Drive your bus & take out zombies as you pick up survivors to bring back, upgrade to last longer.
Shape Shifter
Shape shift into 3 different characters to use your abilities to reach the 3 stars & exit.
Robot Outbreak
Attack enemy turrets & tanks with your tank. Some levels include waves of defending your base.
Phantom Patrol
Throw knives & grenades & shoot enemies as you take cover behind barriers. Don't take to much damage
Rock Paper Scissors Wizard
Change your attribute to make it threw scissor walls & paper spikes, but beware of falling into lava
Think Up
Jump upwards as you push large blocks to kill enemies & make a reachable pathway going up.
Tricky Rick 2
Throw your head, shoot enemies, knock down walls, & grab lightning drops to finish levels.
Jump in this platformer & use your companion & surfaces only he can land on to help you to the exit.
Mario Magic World
Grab coins & shoot & jump on enemies in this short Mario sidescroller game.
Double jump & avoid red obstacles as you try and grab all the stars.
Sneaky Dex
Pickup, drop & drop items to trigger buttons. Flip switches & reach all lightning blots to the exit.
Level Editor 3
Edit the level to aid your stickman in grabbing coins, overcoming enemies & reaching the exit safely
Mario Mirror Forest
Travel through mirrors to rotate the world around you. Bring boxes to reach the exit & not die.
Spin short webs in this sidescroller to bounce across gaps as the story progresses.
Super Shogun Ninja
Beat the clock as you work your way downwards, chopping up enemies & throwing Chinese stars.
Planet Adventure
Switch between characters with different abilities as you grab the gems & keys to unlock the exit.
Adventure of Spongebob
Control 2 Spongebobs as you grab yellow & pink stars as the platforms collapse after you jump off.
Gravity Den
Control gravity to move faster & avoid obstacles. Flip buttons to open doors & reach the exit.
Play with others online, as a mouse shaman creates objects to help you reach the piece of cheese.
Jump over enemies, holes & spikes in this pixelated, Gameboy colored sidescroller.
Mario Partner Adventure
Use Mario & Luigi to grab coins & help one another across water & fire to reach the princess.
Droids Steal
Push ingame direction buttons to control droids. Use droids to capture coins & carry you to the exit
Frizzle Fraz
Bounce around the platformer levels & gather all your frozen buddies & make it to the exit safely.
Aliens Hurrys Home
Change the state your alien is in to jump & grab stars or slither your way threw narrow paths.
Reach the exit as you meditate & place temporary blocks to jump on to make it over large gaps.
Flash Punker
Shoot crazy looking monsters in this pixelated sidescroller & avoid obstacles as you grab fruit.
Bazooka Boy - Level Pack
Blast holes into the level to release gold coins, trigger TNT, & unlock colored blocks.
Jetpacks And Zombies
Fight off zombies in this sidescroller as you find gas for your jetpack & earn to upgrade weapons.
Pixel Dash
Grab the coins as you dash up walls, threw wooden blockades, and avoid saws.
Black Thing 2
Split black to reveal hidden objects & platforms in this sidescroller. Avoid spikes & solve puzzles.
Where Is My Key
Grab the key & reach the exit by double jumping using the Z key in this skill testing platformer.
A Ghostly Journey
Avoid light as a ghost & take possession of people as you jump out of them for extra height.