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The Farm
Blow apart the waves of attackers as you protect your sheep. Upgrade weapons and gain more defenses.
The Mind
Pay attention to the perspective of the land. You might just be jumping into water.
Nanowar 2
Take over cells as you try to dominate the AI enemy. Becomes tricky when fat cells are introduced.
Cargo Bridge - Armor Games Edition
Build strong bridges so your grunts gain access to packages. Don't let bridges crumble under stress.
nano Tank
Grab the stars and make it to the exit as you move over the blocks in the physics world and more.
Misfits Do A Runner
Great top-down runner. Spray chasers with paint as you grab keys to enter new areas. Great gameplay!
Flash Empires 3
Defend your castle as you setup your towers and create troops to defend. Upgrade and more!
Bunny Invasion - Easter
The invasion continues with the actual Easter edition. Don't fear, you now have backup.
Super Mega Ultra Evil Genius
Place objects and traps to light up to see enemies and kill them on each floor of your evil layer.
Boxheaded Level Pack
Make your way to the blue diamond in the physics world. Don't fall off the map!
  Action Games
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue
Shoot enemies & turrets in this sidescroller. Trigger computers to open doors & act as save points.
The Last Dino
Click when to jump to avoid enemies & obstacles. Some levels, click to change directions.
Underworld Rush
Drive your car & pick up coins to buy upgrades. Avoid or shoot witches so they don't damage your car
Cat Mario
Try to finish the level as the world is out to kill you with sneaky tricks unlike Mario.
Tank Rage in Zombie City
Drive your tank & earn money for upgrades by taking out zombies. Beware of fuel level!
Reach the fruit & the exit as you toggle blue boxes that you can be in, when they're turned on.
WW2 Dogfight - Age of Warplane
Fly your Biplane & shoot down enemy fighters in dogfights. Beware of flying upwards & stalling.
Road Rockets
Dodge the bombs enemy cars drop as you try to pickup missiles to fire at the enemy vehicles.
Unbalanced Platformer
Grab coins to buy speed ups & slow downs for level items in this game that starts off unbalanced.
Sector 21
Avoid spikes as you jump over them & rotate the gravity while you're in mid-air.
Dino Meat Hunt 2
Use the small & large dinos to help each other get all the meat & reach the exit in this platformer.
Worm Food
Dig threw the ground & pop up to munch on buildings & people. Eat enough to stay alive & progress.
Rolling Hero 4
Roll the map as your circular hero rolls & grabs cherries, bananas & a key to unlock the exit.
Screwy Adventures
As a screw, grab jetpacks, flamethrowers & tape to fly, burn boxes & stick to walls.
StealthBound - Level Pack
Grab stars & key cards as you avoid detection & knock out security guards to reach the exit.
Stolen Sword
Switch gravity so you walk on the ceiling & avoid spikes. Get the key & reach the exit safely.
Gangsters Way - Premium Edition
Shoot gangsters from your car as you pickup intel briefcases. Mind your upgrades & weapons.
Portal of The Dead
Shoot the infected flash games that are after your robot in this sidescroller. Ammo recharges.
Vex 3
Jump up walls, avoid spikes & getting squished. Reach checkpoints as you try to beat your ghost.
Penguins vs Polar Bears
As a penguin, light your bomb, avoid water drops & explode next to the polar bear.
Nightmare in Elmore
Grab the smiling golden coins as you click & mouse over objects to safely reach the exit.
Drag & stack boxes with your mouse to allow your blue character to reach all the orange chips.
Bazooka Boy 2
Fire your missiles to destroy blocks. Rotate the level in some instances. Don't step on bad blocks!
Move your red & blue guy, grabbing their colored crystals & get both to the exit.
The Purple Box 3
Fly & grab coins as you avoid touching red surfaces & spikes.
Mario Great Adventure 7
Play as Mario & grab mushrooms for power ups to throw bombs & break bricks as you fight new enemies.
Flappy Bird - Forest Adventure
Part skill, part action, flap Flappy Birds wings to avoid hitting objects & to reach the exit portal
Ben 10 Take Down
As Ben 10, jump & shoot through this sidescroller. Blast baddies & watch out for low health.
Hero in the Ocean 2
Grab stars & push bombs to clear blocked pathways. Safely reach the treasure chest as a submarine.
Slimes Turn
As the rolling slime, find upgrades to allow you to reach new areas of this pixeled, sidescroller.
How to Bird
Jump over spikes & gaps & hop up walls. Use your burst of speed to make it over large gaps.
Escape to Hell
Bash enemies & collect coins in this top-down dungeon killer. Avoid traps & bombs that can kill you.
Royal Ruckus
Shoot all the weird enemies that appear in this top-down shooter. Grab power ups to stay alive.
Dino Home
Use the 2 dino friends to help each other get to the end cave. Knock down walls & throw up dead fish
Mario Goomba World
Jump on the Goombas & avoid letting them run into you. Get coins & jump over gaps to get to the end.
Don't Touch The Spikes
Jump on platforms & over spikes in this action, sidescroller. Watch out for falling spikes too!
Operation Desert Sabre
In this top-down tank shooter, blast enemy tanks, grab treasures & reach the rocket.
Droid Hunter
Shoot robots as you fly using your jetpack. Grab goo for upgrades & health in this sidescroller.
Aboriginal Brothers
Use the brothers to reach the bones. Jump on each others heads, but don't get stuck behind blocks.
Winter Tank Strike
Drive your tank over barrels & fire your cannon at boxes, mines & turrets to safely reach the end.
Robin Steele the Waifu Thief
Fight in the hallways of the castle as a pony. Bash enemy ponies with your hammer & reach the boss.
Bob the Archaeologist 2
Jump over gaps & spikes as you grab coins in this black & white sidescroller.